Bending machine ZGR 2140/1,8/145°

Technical Specifications

Working length 2140 mm
Max Sheet thickness:
Steel (do 400 N / mm²) 1,8 mm
Aluminum 2,5 mm
Bending beam thickness 19 mm
Folding angle 0°- 145°
Opening the upper beam 70 mm
Length 2450 mm
Width 910 mm
Height 1160 mm
Weight 500 kg

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  • Rear frame supporting the metal sheet (detachable)
  • Front bumpers designed for efficient serial cutting of sheet metal.
  • Protractor allows accurate sheet metal bending.
  • Bending angle limiter with a wide setting range, guarantees repeatability with serial sheet bending.
  • Gas cylinders supporting the lifting of the bending beam and the upper beam.

Advantages of the machine:

  • Sheet metal bending machine – model ZGR 2140/1,8/145° – is one of our strongest manual bending machines with the possibility of sheet metal bending
    steel / galvanized steel up to 1.8 mm thick and also for soft sheets such as aluminum and copper (max. 2.5 mm).
  • assive welded construction ensures accurate sheet metal bending over many years.
  • Increased beam rigidity with adjustable tension.
  • Pressure and bending beam made of solid material in one run.
  • Adjusting the bending beam depending on the hardness of the sheet.
  • Eccentric clamp (the clamping force can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the sheet).
  • All components of our bending machines are machined on CNC numerical machines.

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Bending Machine ZGR 2140/1,8/145°

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